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S Series 250W LED Power Supply

S Series
  • 250W

  • DongDaHua

  • 8504401404


Model & Key Parameters
         Model        Output power  Output voltage  Output current Outline size Efficiency  Safe approval
S-15-12  15W 12V 1.25A 70*39*31mm 80% CE
S-25-12 25W 12V 2.08A 85*58*38mm 80% CE
S-36-12 36W 12V 3A 85*58*38mm 80% CE
S-50-12 50W 12V 4.16A 110*78*35mm 80% CE
S-60-12 60W 12V 5A 160*98*38mm 80% CE
S-120-12 120W 12V 10A 199*98*42mm 80% CE
S-150-12 150W 12V 12.5A 199*98*42mm 80% CE
S-200-12 200W 12V 16.6A 199*98*42mm 80% CE
S-250-12 250W 12V 20.8A 200*110*50mm 80% CE
S-360-12 360W 12V 30A 215*115*50mm 80% CE
S-480-12 480W 12V 40A 242*125*65mm 80% CE
S-600-12 600W 12V 50A 242*125*65mm 80% CE
Electrical Features
    Input voltage   87V-264V
   Lifetime   >3Years
    Input frequency   50-60Hz
   Waterproof grade   IP20
    In-rush current   Cold boot:230V 40A
   Working temperature   -35℃~+55℃
    Power factor   0.5
   Storage temperature   -40℃~+85℃
    Ripple & Noise   150mV
   Working relative humidity   10%-100%
    Protection   OLP  SCP  OVP  OTP
   Storage relative humidity   5%-95%


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